Spring is the perfect time of year for a fresh start — so ditch your drab winter hair and mix it up by getting a new ‘do just in time for warmer weather. Show off your beautiful hair by brightening it up a bit, adding some highlights, or trying a unique color. There are so many gorgeous colors out there, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Below are just a few of the top hair color trends of spring 2019. Not only will you be looking and feeling great if you try one of these looks, but you’ll be sporting up-and-coming colors that will be sure to turn heads and make an amazing first impression. 

Jump into spring with a warm and bright new color to match your seasonal mood. Try one of these 5 favorites:

Rose Gold

Cool pink and copper tones are totally in this season. You’ve probably seen someone sport cute rose gold clothes, watches, jewelry, and even phones, so why not apply this gorgeous shade to your hair?

Beachy Shadow Roots

Don’t rush to a stylist if you notice your roots are showing — instead, embrace the new trend of dark roots with honey or dirty blonde hair! Showing off your roots warms and brightens up your complexion and gives you an effortless, beachy look.

Buttery Blonde

Say goodbye to wintry icy blondes and hello to warm, buttery, blondes this spring! Add rich golden highlights for a natural-looking and creamy color. 

Rich Brown With Spacey Highlights

When it comes to highlights, less is more this spring. If you have naturally dark hair, don’t feel pressured to bleach your hair. Instead, add a few highlighted accents that are only a few shades lighter than your current color. This will add a subtle brightness to your overall look. 


If you’re feeling adventurous this season, follow the pastel trend! After all, nothing says “spring” like pastels. This new color wave introduces light and faded pinks and blues. Trying a pastel shade is the perfect way to introduce yourself to colorful hair because the colors are muted and soft. 

Whether you just want to add a little oomph to your look or go crazy with color, trust your hair in the hands of the stylists at Jordan Alexander Boutique Salon. Our talented team can upgrade your look and help you feel stylish and confident just in time for spring. Ask one of our Montgomery County stylists about trying a new color today!